Megasthenes Classic Reward

 colt - NMPRS - classic champagne

Born: 30.06.2007
Sire: Serenity Acres Cocoa's Double Lite (AMHA)
Dam: Lustoord Daisy (NWPCS)

Jet hopefully is a blend of the best of 2 worlds. 

We mated an AMHA stallion to a Welsh Mountain mare, and the outcome was this unique coloured colt. Jet is a Classic Champagne, still very rarely seen in Europe.


1 year old, in paddock condition


His sire is Serenity Acres Cocoa Double Lite, a lovely AMHA Classic Champagne Cream Silver stallion - the first Champagne miniature horse in Europe, imported by Linda's Miniatures from The Netherlands. Jet´s dam is Lustoord Daisy, our gorgeous jet black Welsh Mountain (A) mare.


Serenity Acres Cocoa's Double Lite

Lustoord Daisy

Ridgehaven's Cocoa

High Flown's Viper


Jet looks to be all we hoped for. He has the rare colour and size of his sire and the movement and elegance of his mother. We can't wait to see his future foals! 




Megasthenes Classic Reward


Serenity Acres Cocoa's Double Lite

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Lustoord Daisy

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Megasthenes Classic Reward

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