August 2013

Fashion registered in Dutch Miniature Horse (main) studbook
On August 31 Fashion had to pass the veterinary exam in order to be registered in the main section of the NMPRS. She passed the exam fine; the veterinar doing the exam said she was such an easy mover. So now Fashion is triple registered: ASPC/AMHR/NMPRS. I am very proud of her.

Fashion is here!
Sundance LB Fashion Design has arrived in the Netherlands on August 2. When we were picking the horses up from Schiphol Airport it was about the hottest day of the year. We had to park the trailer in the shades in order to keep the horses as cool as we could. A little colt, who was to travel through to Russia also joined us. The horses were very happy when we arrived home and they could finally stretch their legs. As you can see at the picture, Regal instantly liked Fashion LOL. She is the most beautiful mare and moves like a dream. Also she has been confirmed in foal before she left to Holland. So we are looking forward to our first ASPC/AMHR baby around the beginning of may 2014.

June 2013

Soundview's Swagger Champion 2 year old stallions
On June 29, Regal participated in the yearly 1 and 2 year old judgement of the Dutch Miniature Horse Studbook.
We were very pleased when he was put in front of his class with an 1a premium. Later that day he was awarded the title of 2 year old Champion stallion; needless to say we were thrilled!
A special thank you to Hein Marsch and Rinus Geven for the superb handling.



New Aspc mare arriving in 2013!

We are very proud to annouce the purchase of a gorgeous ASPC/AMHR mare.
SUNDANCE LB FASHION DESIGN is a sabino overo mare, measuring 37".
She comes from old bloodlines and is 50% Arenosa bred on her sire's side. On her dams side we find the Van-Lo (overo) bloodlines. The Arenosa ponies are famous for their movement and refinement.
Fashion will be bred in spring 2013 to the gorgeous ASPC/AMHR bay pinto stallion WALL STREET ILLUSION JAZZ SINGER. (34")
Once confirmed in foal, Fashion will make the trip from the USA to Holland.

We have purchased from her already a few years ago (Cross Country California Dreamin') and now we are so happy she has given us the chance to buy Fashion: thank you so much Sheryl Stewart of Irish Hills Farm, Michigan.

Below a picture of this beautiful mare:






Dutch Miniature Horse Studbook 1 & 2 year old show & judging

Last Saturday (June 30) we took our 1 year old ASPC stallion to the judging and show day of the NMPRS (Miniature Horse Studbook) in Bunschoten.
The sun was shining all day so that was a good start.
Regal was entered in 3 categories and gained excellent results.

The judging: there was a very strict judging, not many horses were awarded with 1st premiums this day.
Regal was awarded a 1b premium, the jury could not decide whether to give him first place or not.
Finally he got to 2nd place but we are very pleased with this excellent result.

An extra THANK YOU to Hein Marsch for his superb handling of Regal!

Most wild pinto categorie: 2nd place. Liberty: 3rd place out of 30 contestants.
Some pictures of Regal taken in Liberty.
Pictures made by T&H Stables and Josta Miniature Horses.



Our ASPC stallion Regal was entered for his first show on May 19th,
the “Minis With Spirit” show in Belgium.
He did very well:
a 4th place in Yearling Stallions (out of 8) and a 9th place in Liberty out of 24 entries.
We are very pleased with our boy and Regal has learned a lot.
We took home a very tired boy.



Our new stallion Soundviews Swagger is currently doing his quarantaine at Scott Creek Farms in Oregon.
We hope to welcome him home on January 29th.




We are very happy to announce the purchase of a new stallion in the USA.
This time we did not buy an AMHA stallion, but an American Shetland Pony (ASPC).
This is our goal in breeding:
a larger, elegant and well-moving horse.

Soundviews Swagger is a Classic silverbay pinto stallion,
born in april 2011 and he will arrive in Holland in january 2012.
More news about him will follow a.s.a.p.

Thank you Julie Bickford of Soundviews Shetlands for this beautiful stallion!



On June 15th, 2011, our 2nd foal of this year was born;
a beautiful refined silverbay pinto filly.
More pictures of her can be found under Mares and Foals.



In the night of June 1, 2011 Dream gave birth to a gorgeous colt.
We are very grateful to Stal Keessage for their assistance at the birth of this foal.
His name is MM's Saga of Yamato, with Saga referring to Stal Keessage.
This littly boy is extremely refined, a beautiful silverdapple with a beautiful head,
big blaze and icey blue eyes, so he also carries the splash gene!
He will be registered with AMHA and NMPRS.




Due to circumstances, we have sold our two German Classic mares already.
Happy's Wondergirl is sold to Germany. The new owner is Dohrens Ponyzucht, owner: Laura Verstraeten.
Heaven von Clus is sold to Letsdunit Stables of Tamara Floor, where she will be trained for driving competitions. She was bred to the AMHA stallion Golden Oak Tomahawk. If all goes well, her foal will come back to us.



On Thursday June 24, after a speedy delivery, a beautiful, small and refined silverbay filly was born. 

She is the first foal of our Welsh mare Lass; sire is our QMF's A Blue Victory.

Her official name will be MM's Puttin' On The Ritz, but she will be called Rizzy.

For more photos, see "foals".





We recently purchased 2 German Classic Ponies in Germany at Classic Mini's Lichtenstein.

The first one is a 3-year old silver dapple mare, Heaven v. Clus (S: Jabolo). Pictured here.

The second mare is a 1-year old pinto mare, Happy's Wondergirl (S: Jonathan).

We hope to breed refined and typical horses with these mares in the future.





On May 19, 2010 Dream gave birth to a filly, already deceased at birth. It was a beautiful dark silverdapple mare, unfortunately she wasn't to be...



On April 10th, 2010 the annual Stallion License Show of the Dutch Miniature Horse Club took place. Over 200 stallions were entered in this competition.

Vic was required to come back this year. We had hoped that he would gain a 1st premium for the third year in a row, but we actually got more than we bargained for. Not only was Vic awarded a 1st premium but he won his class, got an 1a premium and became a Superstar stallion with this achievement.

Winning his class meant he had to come back for the Overall Championship later that day. He did not win the Overall Championship but we were so very proud of our boy and his achievements.



We are expecting 2 new additions in Spring, check back our news page for more updates soon!



On August 29, 2009 the annual judging of mares registered in the Dutch Miniature Horse Studbook took place.

We had entered 2 of our mares: MM's Turn Of A Friendly Card (Matar) and Cross Country California Dreamin' (Dream).

Both mares were judged in ring C in which the judging was very strict. So we were quite pleased with the 2nd premium both mares were awarded with.


Besides Matar, there was more of our Vics offspring that was judged this day. The silverdapple filly Foekje v. Stal Coatster Nicolai, breeder C. Nicolai was awarded with a 3rd premium. The brown filly Havana v. Stal Assam, breeder A. Schuurman was awarded with a 2nd premium. The silverbay colt LCS No Paint Included, breeder M. Selman was awarded with a 1st premium.

All in all good results on a day where judging was done in a very strict way.






On the 15th of April 2009, Flame delivered a beautiful palomino colt, named: MM's Funk Star DeLuxe. We feel he could also carry the silver gene. 

Funky has long legs and lots of fluffy hair. He is a very confident and playful foal.

Funky is 50% NMPRS and 50% AMHA and will be NMPRS registered.

Funky is for sale.

For more photos, please see "foals".







On the 4th of April 2009, our AMHA stallion QMF’s A Blue Victory has done an excellent job at the NMPRS stallion license show. 

He was placed 2nd in his group, receiving a 1b premium, exactly the same result as last year.

We are very pleased with his performance, especially since the judges were very strict and not many stallions were awarded 1st premiums.

Again Vic really presented himself the way he is: a sweet, well-mannered stallion with very good movement.

Thanks Natasja and Linda!




We had Dream (Cross Country California Dreamin) tested for LWO and the test result showed she is negative for the LWO gene.

Matar (MM’s Turn Of A Friendly Card) was tested for silver and the results were nZ, heterozygous for silver, meaning she has a 50% change to pass the silver gene on to her offspring.


Finally, Cross Country California Dreamin has arrived from Bigfoot, Texas on October 22, 2008.

She made the trip together with Erica's Caramel Macchiato, who moved to the stables of Mariska Selman. Both mini-ladies were delivered in excellent condition.

Dream is even more pretty than on pics and video. She has the most adorable character and already made friends with our little Matar.

She has a beautiful head with sparkling blue eyes, a very good head-neck connection and a well-shaped body. We are very optimistic about adding her to our broodmare band in the future.


Thank you again Sheryl Stewart (Irish Hills Farm) and Dianne from EZ2Spot Ranch (transport) for delivering this beautiful lady!



We recently purchased an AMHA/AMHR yearling filly in the USA: Cross Country California Dreamin.

She is a chocolate silverdapple, born 20.01.2007. Her sire is Cross Country Native Dancer and her dam Cross Country Class Action.

Dream is a Lazy N Redboy granddaughter, he is a son of the famous Rowdy. She is double bred Lazy N Redboy top and bottom.

We do hope for some colourful and typey future foals from Dream in combination with a.o. our stallion Vic.

Dream will be shown at the Nationals 2008 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, after which she will go into quarantaine and come to The Netherlands.

Many thanks Sheryl Stewart, Irish Hills Farms!