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We started our small stable with the purchase of a Shetland mare in 1999. After a while we got in contact with the (American) miniaturehorses and slowly we changed our herd into American and NMPRS (Dutch Miniature) horses, with as an extra special colours. In 2006 we imported the AMHA stallion Quarter Moon Farms A Blue Victory from the USA. Vic has been sold to Russia but we retained 2 of his daughters, Matar and Rizzy.
A few years later the beautiful AMHA mare Cross Country California Dreamin' came to Holland from the USA. In the meanwhile we got acquinted with the ASPC (American Shetland Pony) breed and this breed immediately took our breath away. Early 2012 our ASPC colt Soundviews Swagger came to Holland and to the best of our knowledge he was the first ASPC pony to set foot on Dutch soil. In 2013 our first ASPC mare will come to us from the USA and hopefully she will be in foal by then so we can make a start with our ASPC breeding. So, our miniature horse breeding isn't so "mini" anymore..Ofcourse we still own 2 real minis, Dream and Matar, and there is our Welsh A mare Lass and her daughter Rizzy.

The coming years we hope to make the ASPC breed more known in Holland and will visit shows and judgement days in order to promote the breed.

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Occasionally, some of the foals we breed will be for sale as we cannot retain them all. Keep an eye on our site!

If you have any questions about one of our horses, please don't hesitate to contact us
If you are interested in our American Shetlands and miniatures, you are most welcome to come and visit us after an email or telephone call.
We live in Zwaagdijk-Oost, between Hoorn and Enkhuizen, in the northern part of Noord-Holland.

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