Megasthenes Jugatsu Burakku

 Born: 28.10.2010
Sire: Abenji Big Luck
Dam: Dyashida Tosakengolds


On this page we would like to introduce the latest addition to our Tosa family. Diva, her pet-name, is a home-bred black and tan daughter of the Czech male "Abenji Big Luck" out of "Dyashida Tosakengolds" (Nashira).


This young lady is currently developing into a very nice youngster, she displays lots of type, great movement and a good size taken her age into consideration. Her character is just like we hoped for when planning this litter: happy, exploring and very self-confident. 

Diva is pictured here at 5 months of age

 Diva gets along fine with both people and animals; we hope she will stay just this way. For the moment she will get the time to grow up slowly; she will be entered for shows now and then.



Megasthenes Jugatsu Burakku

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