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Tosa Ken Gold's 
Italian Tosa breeder

Hie Dung-Gu's Luna

Wielie Walie
Portuguese Tosa breeder

Ashiato Japan Dog

Nihon Koku
Dutch Tosa breeder

Tosa startpagina

Hongarian Tosa breeder

Czech Tosa breeder

Von Haus Vom Steraldted
Dutch Great Danes breeder



General dog sites

This is a forum for people who own a dog from abroad.
Lots of information about adoption-procedures, links to shelters, help with foreign dog diseases, worth a visit!

Dog breeders and kennels in Europe

German site for breeders, owners and people interested in dogs

Puppy site

International cynological federation

Raad van Beheer op Kynologisch Gebied in Nederland
Belgian portal for dog lovers
Dutch portal for (working) dog lovers
Dutch dog site
Dutch dog site

Honden Plaza
Dutch dog site
Portal for dog food



Animal welfare sites

Stichting AAI is a foundation that cares about the welfare and responsible adoptions of Spanish refuge dogs. Our Nipper came to us through this foundation.

Tierhilfe Malaga is a German foundation that acts as an intermediate between many Spanish shelters and "perreras" (killing stations) to find new homes for all of these abused and/or abandoned dogs.

Stichting Dierenhulp Cádiz is dedicated to the improvement of the living conditions of animals in the south of Spain. In the Andalusian province Cádiz, they support the regional animal protection organisation S.P.A.P. de Cadiz and animal shelter Kimba. They do this by raising money, means and manpower with which they try to improve the situation there.

Stichting Animal In Need (Second Chance Foundation Nederland) is devoted to the dogs from the La Linea shelter. A very extensive site with many photos and information about the work they do.

The german organisation Tierhilfe Anubis supports mainly 3 spanish shelters who have very little means and are often forgotten about. An informative site with sometimes very stirring and touching stories about the animals and the people who disinterestedly dedicate themselves to this cause day in day out.

A general site about the shelters, reception centres and the sometimes shocking stories and photos of the animals in Spain. Tierschutz Spanien also acts as an intermediate for dogs and cats from several perreras and reception centres from Spain to a.o. Germany.