Toshi's Tar Heel

 Born: 01.10.2006
Sire: Stonewall's Nomar
Dam: "PR" RL's Suki Nyoko

Hip score: HD-B

Elbows: Free


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We are very happy to have been able to acquire Thor, whose ancestry culminates Japanese and USA bloodlines, introducing a pedigree that is unknown to Europe. We are especially grateful to his breeder, for giving us the pick of the litter male!

The owner of Toshi Tosa Kennels, Patrick James, has started out with Tosa’s of Spring Slough (nowadays Matsu) Kennels and crossed these dogs with imported Tosa’s from Japan, thus creating a very recognizable type of Tosa.

Thor´s direct ancestry shows several Japanese Yokozuna’s (Champions); however, Thor himself was bred at a kennel where health, as well as a stable and friendly character is one of the main breeding goals - something we put a big emphasis on here in Europe. Thor´s pedigree further down also shows some famous names from the USA-past, which bloodlines have never been introduced in Europe before.

 Thor is also an interesting male as far as colour is concerned; being a jet black male, he will be able to produce black offspring as well as very darkred Tosas.
Thor was born out of a traditional red dam and solid black sire: the result were 14 solid black puppies!

Patrick James of Toshi Tosa Kennels and Russell Lockenwitz,
a big thanks to you for this male!




Toshi's Tar Heel

  Stonewall's Nomar (solid black)    Yume No Kaku SW (JP)    Kuro Kinshomaru (Yokozuna) (JP) 
  Kiye Hime (JP) (brown) 
  Yume No Aki No Sato SW (JP)    8th Hara Jo Nishi Nihon (Yokozuna) (JP) (solid black) 
  Momo (JP) (red) 
  "PR" RL's Suki Nyoko (red)    Toshi’s Heyha Gashira (red)    Toshi’s Senshi (red) 
  Matsu Zena Warrior Queen 
  Toshi’s Kanojo Akuma     Touryu’s Kumo (brindle) 
  Toshi’s Kuroi Mibojin 



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